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Rapid Response, Immaculate Display:
Harness the Power of Interactive Simplicity!

Innovate Your Interaction: Explore Our Feature-Packed Display Solutions!

Wireless Screen-Share

Immerse yourself in the future of collaboration with 4-split-screen support. Cast seamlessly from 4 devices, enjoy reverse control, and indulge in wireless annotations. Save and sync images in real time between large and small screens for an unmatched interactive experience.

Driver-Free Projection

Say goodbye to hassle with Amadel's Wi-Fi built-in projector. No more USB receivers are needed! Revel in seamless compatibility with Android, 10S, and Windows. Wirelessly extend your PC screen with the projector—no extra cables are required!

Crystal-Clear Sound with an Element Mic Array

Elevate your audio experience with our built-in element mic array. Automatic gain, noise reduction, and reverberation features enhance speaker voices, ensuring clear communication up to 8m. Available in W72/W63/W62/W51 for an impactful auditory journey.

Advanced Built-in Camera

Capture brilliance with our integrated camera, delivering a higher Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) for top-notch image quality. Experience crystal-clear images that faithfully restore real video scenes. Available in WT2/W63/WG2/W51 for diverse environments.

Front USB Type-C Powerhouse

Revolutionise connectivity with our front Type-C port. Enjoy a whopping 65W PD charging power and 4K @ 60Hz signal transmission support. The ultimate hub for seamless connectivity and rapid charging.

Advanced Writing Softwar

Unleash your creativity with our feature-rich writing software. Write boldly or with fine precision, enjoy accurate erasing, palm rejection, split-screen writing, and more. Insert images or videos seamlessly, save your work to the cloud, and share effortlessly using QR codes.

Pen Picking Detection

Experience the magic of pen picking! Lift the infrared touch stylus, and watch as the whiteboard software or annotation function springs to life. Pen picking detection, an optional feature, enhances your interactive experience.

High-Precision IR Touch

Elevate your touch experience with up to 40-point touch support. Achieve writing accuracy within ±1mm, and enjoy a low writing height of just 2mm. Unleash the power of high-precision IR touch technology!

Multi-Point Touch Mastery

Engage in collaborative brilliance with support for up to 40-point infrared touch or 20-point capacitive touch. Invite multiple users to write on the whiteboard simultaneously for unparalleled interaction.

Seamless Multi-System Compatibility

Beyond the built-in Android system, our display is your versatile companion. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and more, it adapts to your preferred operating system effortlessly.

Annotation Across All Channels

Unlock your creative potential at every signal source! Enjoy annotation writing and erasing, and effortlessly save and share annotations by scanning a QR code. A seamless annotation experience awaits at your fingertips.

Zero Bonding Technology

Revolutionise touch and writing with our zero bonding technology. Minimise air clearance between the LCD and tempered glass, reducing refraction and enhancing the touch and writing experience significantly.

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