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Manufacturing Services

Product Design & Engineering

Discover Westway’s exceptional Manufacturing Services in India, providing a comprehensive array of product design and engineering solutions. Our expertise encompasses Embedded Design, Firmware, Software, Mechanical Design, Prototyping, and Regulatory/Certifications. Specializing in Design for Manufacturability (DFM), Serviceability (DFS), and Testing (DFT), we ensure your product is meticulously crafted for optimal performance in the market.

OEM Turnkey Solutions

Westway offers specialised OEM turnkey solutions, including PCBA, Box Build, cable forms, harnesses, and plastic moulding. Their services encompass burn-in and soak tests, as well as in-house testing hardware design. Westway is dedicated to delivering high-quality, customised solutions that surpass expectations.
1. PCBA and Box Build
2. Cable Forms and Harnesses
3. Plastic Moulding
4. Burn-In and Soak Tests
5. In-House Testing Hardware Design

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

Westway is your premier partner for Original Design Manufacturing, specialising in a wide array of advanced technologies. Our focus areas include precision dispensing solutions, smart devices, IoT innovations, brushless drive tech, and Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology.
1. Dispensing Solutions
2. Smart Devices
3. IoT Innovations
4. Brushless Drive Technology
5. Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology
At Westway, we're dedicated to driving innovation, quality, and precision in ODM. Collaborate with us to turn your concepts into outstanding products, backed by our specialised expertise. Your tech success is our priority.

IoT Solutions

At Westway, we specialise in transforming traditional products into intelligent systems through our Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. We leverage sensors, advanced processors, software integration, and seamless connectivity to enhance your products.
1. Legacy Product Transformation
2. Sensor Integration
3. Advanced Processing
4. Software Integration
5. Connectivity
6. In-House IoT IP and Tools
With Westway as your IoT partner, you'll benefit from our deep IIoT expertise, empowering your products for the digital era. Embrace IoT's potential and drive your market success with us.

Automated Test Equipment

Westway offers in-house expertise in designing advanced automated test equipment (ATE), functional testers, and custom firmware. We also develop specialised test application software for highly efficient testing processes.
1. Design and Development
2. Functional Testers
3. Custom Firmware
4. Test Application Software
Westway is your trusted partner for precision testing and efficient processes, ensuring high-quality product outcomes.
Westway is your trusted partner for precision testing and efficient processes,
ensuring high-quality product outcomes.

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